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Cynosure - Elite+ Specialist

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If you have skin imperfections or unwanted body hair, you don’t have to risk surgical treatments to improve your appearance. At Molani Medical Group in Sherman Oaks, California, Jabeen Fatima, MD, understands the role that your self-confidence plays in your overall health. To help you feel your best, Dr. Fatima offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments using the cutting-edge Cynosure® Elite+™ laser system. Call Molani Medical Group or schedule an appointment online to learn more about how the Cynosure Elite+ laser can enhance your appearance today.

Cynosure - Elite+ Q & A

What is the Cynosure Elite+ laser?

The Elite+ laser system from Cynosure is a workstation Dr. Fatima uses to offer numerous aesthetic treatments. Its advanced technology uses dual wavelength energy to treat a wide range of skin imperfections, including:

  • Hair removal
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and brown spots
  • Leg veins
  • Scar reduction

The versatility of Cynosure’s Elite+ laser technology allows Dr. Fatima to personalize your treatment session to your unique skin type and desired results.

How does the Cynosure Elite+ laser work?

The Elite+ aesthetic laser system uses different wavelengths of light to penetrate deep layers of your skin. The flexibility of this advanced technology enables it to not only destroy unwanted hair follicles and stop unwanted hair growth, but it can also break up unhealthy tissue and trigger collagen and elastin production in the treatment area.

Advantages of using the Elite+ laser for aesthetic treatments include:

  • Exceptional and reliable results for all skin types
  • Provides numerous treatments during a single appointment
  • Comes with air-cooling technology to increase your comfort and satisfaction

The dual wavelengths offered through the Elite+ also provide faster and more effective results than single wavelength laser systems.

What can I expect during a Cynosure Elite+ laser treatment?

Cynosure Elite+ laser sessions at Molani Medical Group are quick and simple. Each session usually takes less than 30 minutes, but this depends on your specific treatment and the size of the area in question.

During your appointment, Dr. Fatima uses a handheld wand to deliver the Elite+ laser energy to your skin. While your session is underway, it’s common to experience a mild tingling sensation or the feeling of rubber bands been snapped against your skin. Otherwise, Elite+ treatments are comfortable.

After your appointment, you can return to normal activity because there’s no downtime. You may notice some redness or swelling in the treatment site, but these symptoms usually fade quickly. It’s also important to avoid exposing the area to sunlight or UV rays because laser treatments increase your sun sensitivity for up to a year.

Depending on your aesthetic goals, Dr. Fatima might suggest a series of Cynosure Elite+ laser sessions to help you get maximum results.

To see if Cynosure Elite+ laser treatments can address your skin imperfections or unwanted body hair, call Molani Medical Group or schedule an appointment online today.